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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Inspiration About 

Our Story

My Inspiration starts in what I feel is my personal life. As the days go by, I see how my life is connected to those around me. Searching for the truth, searching for what is right, I am guided to see the beauty in the world that Hashem created. He is continuously creating it every moment that we are here,  borrowing in his world. The world around is a Plan He has for the Ultimate Redemption.

We are so lucky to be part of the Plan.

What we may think are everyday challenges are really lessons and guides to get to that Plan.

I am a messanger to help those who seek guidance on this journey. Thank you for being part of it with me.

Meet The Team


Nechama Dina Gurevich

Nechama Dina has provided experienced administrative support since 1999. Currently specializing in billing and sales for ophthalmologist, Dr. Aaron From. For 16 years Nechama Dinawas the medical assistant to family practice physician in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Eli Rosen MD. Nechama Dina was born in Argentina and raised in Minnesota. She moved to New York and graduated from Beth Rivkah High School, then continued in higher education for 2 years in Brooklyn, NY. Nechama Dina enjoys traveling to Marin County, CA every summer to volunteer at a family run preschool. She frequently has enjoyed traveling with her family to Florida, Washington DC, and Chicago, to name a few. Nechama Dina is certified in the Neuroscience Linguistic Program. Certified in Hypnosis, Energy Healing, Aura Reading, Holistic Chaplin, and Life Coach.

 *Nechama Dina’s greatest passion has always been to help others.

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